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About Us

Stacey, grew up in the natural products industry — back in the 1980s, her dad, a pharmacist, formulated natural creams to help women balance their hormones.

Seeing the success of a natural approach first hand, Stacey grew up to be a strong believer in the power of natural superfoods as a key to overall wellness but especially for combating the symptoms of menopause.
After extensive research into natural foods that could help address common symptoms women experience like a lower libido, hot flashes and sleeplessness, Stacey found no easy way to incorporate all these ingredients into daily life. That problem inspired the solution: Bar & Girl Naturals.

Bar & Girl is the first bar for women over 40 (fun fact: it is beneficial to women of any age!). Packed with the superfoods and specific nutrients women need to be at their best, this bite-sized bar tastes as good as it is healthy

We hope you love these mini bars as much as we do.
Stacey and The Bar & Girl Naturals Team.


Why Bar&Girl?

In the old movie, Kisses For My President, the delightful actress Polly Bergen plays the nation’s first female president.

And…she resigns after getting pregnant.

Hmmm, things have really changed.

Women take on every kind of challenge and they keep right on going no matter what biological changes come their way.

Our hope is to help women over 40 manage even better by providing delicious, convenient and superfood-rich products, starting with mini bars that come in three fantastic flavors: chocolate spice, apricot citrus & cherry almond.

We believe that superfoods support hormonal balance, and reduce occasional symptoms of peri-/menopause like hot flashes, sleeplessness and loss of sex drive.

We believe? Yes, because superfoods helped us get through our own midlife changes but also because many doctors and other experts recommend superfoods for women.

A healthy lifestyle that included maca, flax seed, nuts and other superfoods helped us to feel more like we could still do whatever we want to do.

And that’s a wonderful feeling for any woman.

We’d love to hear from you! Please ping us at [email protected].


When we learned that Bonobos — egalitarian peaceful apes — are near extinction, our hearts broke.

When we found out that Bonobos are also matriarchal and known for “their creative and abundant sexual activity,” we decided that the Bonobos Conservation Initiative is the perfect cause for Bar&Girls!

Bonobos even dine on superfoods (and, well, mice).

We will allocate a percentage of our profits each year to support a safe haven in the Congo Basin rainforest for Bonobos, also known as the “make love, not war” primate.